Bic Camera is one of the biggest consumer electronics retailer chains in Japan. It is popular not only for its convenience but also for its special/low price.

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Bic Camera Coupon Download And How to Use It

Coupon discount details: Tax Free 10% off + Electronics 7% off (Cosmetics 5% off, Sake 3% off)

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★ Bic Camera、Sofmap、KOJIMA are retailers all under Bic Camera Corporation; therefore, the coupon can be used at any of these stores.

bic camera coupon 2021

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Coupon Expiration Date: 2022/12/31


About Bic Camera

Just like Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera is one of the most popular electronics retailers in Japan. Don’t get fooled by the name of the store. Besides cameras, Bic Camera also provides all kinds of electronics, such as beauty appliances or household appliances. Therefore, Bic Camera is often listed as one of the best places to visit in Japan when it comes to shopping.

Bic Camera provides many convenient services. First, you can find English speaking staff at all stores. Second, you can check the stock condition of the products online and make an online reservation of the product you want to purchase in advance. Third, Bic Camera provides a delivery service to Hotels and the airport.

Before you visit Bic Camera, remember to download the Bic Camera Coupon below for an exclusive discount that can be up to 15% off.


2022 Bic Camera Product Recommendation

TOP 10 Must Buy Product in Bic Camera:

  • PANASONIC Nanoe Hair Dryer
Type: EH-CNA9A hair dryer nano care
Official Price: 14,709 yen
After Discount: 12,503 yen

The Panasonic hair dryer features the Nanoe technology that helps to add more volume, keep the moisture and reduce frizz and damage to the hair.


  • DYSON Vacuum Cordless
Type: SV12 FF stick cleaner Dyson Cyclone V10 Fluffy
Official Price: 57,186 yen
After Discount: 48,608 yen

Dyson Vacuum Cordless has intelligently optimized suction and run time. The product contains an auto floor type sensor, long battery life, and a larger canister that allows you to clean everywhere in the house with just one vacuum.


  • IH Rice Cooker
  • Type: JKN-R101-KU
    Official Price: 37,191 yen
    After Discount: 34,588 yen

    Are you wondering why does Japanese rice always taste so good? You can just buy a IH Rice Cooker made in Japan and replicate the experience at home! These rice cookers use Induction Heating (IH) technology to heat the inner cooking pan, and make precise temperature adjustments to cook exceptional rice.

    • IRIS OHYAMA Mattress & Furniture Vacuum Cleaner
    Type: KIC-FAC3 Futon cleaner
    Official Price: 10,292 yen
    After Discount: 8,748 yen

    This portable, rechargeable vacuum cleaner is the ideal solution for cleaning mattresses, stairs, couches, car seats, and more furniture. The dust sensors and indicator lights on the vacuum easily show the dust level. The product also has a built-in agitator that helps to loosen dust and dirt for easier cleaning.

    • OMRON low frequency treatment device
    Type: HV-F021-W
    Official Price: 6,050 yen
    After Discount: 5,627 yen

    This popular low frequency treatment device has various modes corresponding to the whole body remainder and pain, and has 15 phases of strength. With this device, you can easily and comfortably enjoy the massage at home!

    • Robot Cleaner
    Type: I315060
    Official Price: 49,800 yen
    After Discount: 46,314 yen

    Robotic vacuum is one of the most popular appliance in household because it can save a lot of time and efforts. This Rumba robot cleaner can sense and clean garbage and dirt, and automatically charge during cleaning and automatically reopen. It can also learn your lifestyle and react to your voice.

    • TOTO Washlet Toilet Seat 
    Type: TCF8CM66 warm water toilet seat Washlet
    Official Price: 49,658 yen
    After Discount: 42,209 yen

    TOTO washlet toilet seat is featured with an automatic opening and closing lid, warm water cleansing, adjustable water temperature and pressure, a warm dryer, heated seat and more to provide you the best experience you can have on a toilet.

    • CANON Camera
    Type: PSG5X compact Digital Camera PowerShot
    Official Price: 48,384 yen
    After Discount: 41,126 yen

    For all the photographers out there, Japan is the paradise of digital cameras. Many tourists choose to stop by Bic camera and purchase the DSLR cameras from CANON. You can find the latest models at the cheapest price at Bic camera.

    • Seiko Watches
    Type: SEIKO selection "8T chronograph" SBTR021
    Official Price: 16,200 yen
    After Discount: 13,770 yen

    Seiko Watches are famous for their stylish design and advanced watch-making technology. Check out the options at Bic Camera to purchase high-quality watches at their lowest price.

    • VITANTONIO Waffle Maker
    Type: Waffle & hot sand Baker VWH-200-W
    Official Price: 10,573 yen
    After Discount: 8,987 yen

    A quality and easy-to-use waffle maker. Definitely a worth-to-invest piece of appliances for all the waffle lovers out there.


    *Please Noted that all prices are subject to change without prior notice. For more accurate information, please refer to Bic Camera Official Website.

    Bic Camera Store Information

    Bic Camera has more than 50 branches in various popular cities in Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Shinjuku, Akihabara,Shibuya, Ikebukuro,Okinawa, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, etc.

    Check the link below for more details.


    Tax-Free Procedure in Japan

    • Tax-Free Object: Visitors that only temporarily stay in Japan for less than 6 months.
    • Foreign travelers, with the entry document (Passport), who make purchases of at least 6,000 Japanese Yen on the same day from the same designated stores with the "Tax Refund" label are eligible to get a tax refund at the store. 
    • Packaging requirements for the tax-free products: The store will help to pack if there are certain packaging requirements for the purchased products. Ask for assistance at the store and do not unpack the purchased products before leaving Japan.
    • Please Note: The total purchase amount for general items and consumable items purchased in one day at the same store must be between 5,000 yen and 500,000 yen (excluding tax). Consumed products cannot be used or unpacked in Japan and have to be taken out of Japan within 30 days after purchase.
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